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Family Style Dining In Lancaster, PA

The Smorgasbord is very popular in Lancaster, but so is the PA Dutch style sit down ‘family style’ service. There are a few restaurants that offer a fusion of sit down and buffet options and still more who primarily serve at the table family style. Keep in mind that the tables are for large parties, so if you have a small number of dinner companions, it is likely that you will be sat with strangers to enjoy the family style service. This can be off putting to some, but for friendly and adventurous sorts, this is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. If true PA Dutch family style eating is what you wish, here is a short list of some options for you.

Good ‘N Plenty Restaurant, Bakery, & Gift Shop

The Good ‘N Plenty Restaurant, Bakery, & Gift Shop is famous for its family style service. AAA rated the restaurant in their top ten best down home dining restaurants in North America. According to the restaurant’s website, the location has also been voted the ‘best’ local PA Dutch restaurant for the past 17 years. That is quite a long history of happy diners! Their family style menu features all you can eat selections of farm fresh food delivered right to your table. It is located in Ronks, PA.

Plain & Fancy Farm Restaurant
The Plain & Fancy Farm Restaurant has been delighting guests since 1959. They also specialize in farm to table food in the PA Dutch style. This restaurant is the home of the original Lancaster County Amish Farm Feast. This deliciously imposing title is given to a menu that includes fried chicken, baked ham, chicken pot pie, real mashed potatoes, freshly baked shoofly pie, and much more, all made from scratch. The restaurant was even featured on the Food Network show Man v. Food Nation. The restaurant is located between Bird In Hand and Intercourse, PA.

Bird-in-Hand Fire Company

If you are looking to experience a true hometown meal with the residents, you should consider attending one of the family style meals served at the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company. Volunteers from Bird-in-Hand serve neighbors and visitors alike to help raise money for the fire department. Some of the meals are served buffet style, but many are family style. Either way, you will enjoy amazing homemade food like barbecue chicken, pot pies, and apple pie is almost always on the menu. This is as quaint and small town as it gets.

Eating family style is a long standing tradition in Lancaster. It is cozy, familiar and brings people closer together, even if you haven’t met before being seated together. You can have an experience similar to the comfortable eating style in your own home while at the same time sampling some of the finest local food that Lancaster has to offer. If you have an open mind and a friendly demeanor, this is an absolutely wonderful way to get to know the real Lancaster.

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