Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets In Lancaster, PA

Your first thought about Lancaster might be Amish furniture or antiques, but there are a variety of farmer’s markets in the area also and these are a highlight of daily as well as tourist culture. The wide availability of locally grown fruits and vegetables is a privilege and a treat for residents and visitors alike. There is more than just produce available, however.

Visitors to the local Lancaster farmer’s markets can take advantage of access to some of the freshest produce, tastiest baked goods, and even meats and cheeses. Think of it as an outdoor grocery store in the old fashioned style where you get to meet the farmers, bakers and butchers in person. In today’s culture of returning to more traditional food production and preparation styles, the selection of farmer’s markets in Lancaster is like a playground of culinary delights.

Deli Meats

One of the special treats available are locally prepared deli meats. You often find these in the large markets right alongside homemade baked goods and produce. The markets strive to make shopping easy and it is delightful to take in all of the sights and smells along the way as you make your special selections. Locally produced sausages, scrapple, smoked hams and turkeys, bacon and much more line the shelves at the markets. You can also buy some prepared foods like ham and chicken salads and pulled pork.

Baked Goods

It goes without saying that Amish baked goods have a reputation all their own. There are always a wide selection of pies, cookies, muffins, gourmet breads, and often candies and snacks available as well. You can pick up jams and jellies to add to your own creations or to enjoy on a slice of toasted fresh baked bread.

Pasta and Noodles

Many markets will also have selections of noodles and other pasta that are all homemade. Shoppers can also acquire rice mixes and often soup starters and kits to bring home and share with family and friends not lucky enough to have made the trip with you. Share more than just photos and stories about your travels into Amish country in beautiful Lancaster, PA.


As with any farmer’s market, the produce in Lancaster cannot be beat. Different from grocery store chains that ship in fruits and vegetables from areas far and wide, buying from the local farmer’s market ensures that you are eating local and increases the likelihood that the produce was grown using sustainable practices. After all, these are relatively small scale farms whose livelihood depends on keeping the soil rich and productive. Those with strong culinary skills can find the markets to be a great inspiration. A walk through will reveal what is perfectly in season and items that can be a real showcase on your table.

Eggs and Cheeses

When you know where your eggs come from you can be sure they are fresh, which really matters for some of the dishes you might be preparing. Picking up eggs from the numerous farmer’s markets in Lancaster assures freshness and farm to table goodness. The eggs are truly perfect for poaching and are richer than much of what you can find in the grocery store. Many markets and stalls will allow you to sample their fine cheeses so that you can make a perfect selection.

Roadside Stands

In addition to the markets, along your way through Lancaster you will find several roadside stands with a surprising variety of items beyond just produce. Flowers, eggs, baked goods and sometimes meats are available from these small stands.

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