Auctions in Lancaster PA
Lancaster PA is a county that loves auction, it hosts various kinds of auctions all-round the year. Well! That’s pretty amazing. All the inmates and even the auction-lovers from different countries visit Lancaster PA for the Auction or the Mud Sale.
It’s said that you haven’t truly experienced Lancaster PA until you have been to its Auction or Mud sale. These Auctions are held from February to April on weekends. The Amish mud sale gather a crowd of almost 20,000 every year.
The amazing fact is that you can find everything on auction from furniture to toys and real estate to commercial lands. Anything and everything is on Auction, and that is pretty fun for people of Lancaster PA.
You may wonder why these auctions have been named as Mud Sale, its quiet simple. They are named so because of the softening ground at that time of the year, late winters and early spring.
People of Lancaster PA are like waiting the whole year long for the mud sale or auctions. Mud sale is the one of the most famous event of Lancaster PA, many local Amish companies hold mud sale as a purpose of raising funds.
Mud Sales are basically unique Lancaster PA’s age-old tradition for fund raising. Most of the sales start early 8 or 8.30 am but the auction continues all day long for all those who wish to capture a glimpse of countless colours and buy some small stuff.
Let’s look at a few of the famous Mud Sale Auctions
Strasburg Spring Consignment & Mud Sale
Organized and set up by Strasburg Fire Company, this mud sale presents a lot of things from quilts to crafts and furniture to machinery.
Bart Township Auction & Mud Sale
Bart Township Auction and Mud sale mostly focus on handmade crafts and antiques. This sale is organized by Bart Township Fire Company.
Gordonville Spring Mud Sale & Auction
A presentation by Gordonville Fire Company this sale offers a lot of things like handmade quilts, furniture, household goods and some tools and machinery.
Farmersville Mud Sale
An Auction by Famersville Volunteer Fire Company sells different goods in auction like tools, furniture and gazebos.
Airville Volunteer Fire Company Mud Sale
Airville Volunteer Fire Company presents a major auction of quilts and a lot more things in between ranging from furniture, groceries, farm equipment and many more.
Penryn Volunteer Fire Company Sale
Penryn mud sale begins at around 8 a.m. in the morning and goes on full day long. This mud sale is organized by Penryn Volunteer Fire Company and sells various items like quilts, furniture and everything in between.
There are many more mud sales that goes on during Auction, you’ll get to know the real essence only when you visit one. Do tell us about your experience after you visit the famous Mud Sale, and yes don’t forget to tell us what you bought from the auction.

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