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Amish attractions in Lancaster Pa
Lancaster County is known for its Amish village, where hundreds and thousands of people live a ‘simple’ yet ‘peaceful’ life. Every year Amish village attract quiet a big amount of tourist maybe because of the harmony and tranquillity that this place has to offer.
And the best thing is you’ll fall short of places to visit and things to do. We bet once you visit you’ll be like “I wish I had more time”. Perhaps this is the actual essence of this place- you’ll never get enough time and you’ll always have a longing to come back.
Amish village almost take you to a few steps back in time, where horse and buggy were the only mode of transportation and windmills were the ultimate source power. Every close to nature, it’s like living in a slow-motion fashion. Well! That seems exciting.
It’s been a while we’ve been talking all about how beautiful Amish County is, and how you should totally plan a vacation there. However what are must-visit attractions? Although we can go on like forever describing the must-visit, but let’s have a look at few of them.
 Amish Buggy Ride
While you get all set and excited to visit Amish County let’s take a horse or buggy ride to the village. If it’s all so much more to the traditional side then why not travel on a traditional ride. It’s a slow ride but it’s an attractive one.
 Amish Village
After you enter the Amish County on your royal horse ride don’t forget to take it all in- the Beautiful Amish Culture. Although there is very less need of explaining how you are going to love the village when you see it, but we just take you on a short dream-trip. Take a tour the 1850 Amish Farmhouse. It’s not like a modern farmhouse, it’s more of a farmhouse, exactly the way it should be.
 Amish Village Grounds
Once you are through with your farmhouse stroll, don’t forget to visit the Village grounds. Here you can shop for something, a few things that you can see in the village.

• One-Room School- How is that even possible, a school with only one room, alteast we’ve never seen one. However, you can visit one if you are in Amish county.
• Farm animals and barn- Yes! Don’t forget its Amish VILLAGE, don’t get surprised if you see barn with a lot of farm animals.
• Hand-made Amish Souvenirs- That’s where you can shop and buy lots of souvenirs for your friends and family.

 Amish ‘Cottage-Industry’
Due to lack of resources and high farm price, many Amish have their own small enterprise. These are small ‘home businesses’ where they make everything from soap to toys and many other things. You can visit some of them like soap-maker, toy-maker, equipment-maker or even a quilt-maker. Wow! You can shop for some more things there.

 Amish Family
This should be a must-do in your list. Visit an Amish Family, you’ll see smiling faces welcoming you. Experience how they chat and spend time with family with no TVs, phone or any other electronic gadget. You’ll be surprised how you became friends with a family you didn’t know a minute ago.
Hope you have an amazing trip to Amish village, and don’t forget to tell us about your experience when you visit there.


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