Mount Joy

Mount Joy, PA

The borough of Mount Joy is more than a pretty name. With a population of just under 8,000 residents, this area is considered to be part of the Appalachians. The name is thought to possibly come from a french battle cry, which would be montjoie. Still others believe that the town was named after an Irish supply ship. After all, the borough was founded in 1721 by Scots-Irish immigrants. It is located on Route 230 which was once the only road that connected Lancaster to Harrisburg.

The town’s early history was that of three villages huddled together that became a friendly and necessary stop for travelers heading to the frontier lands. At that time, most commerce in the area was understandably related to things those travelers might need, such as blacksmith forged items, taverns to rest and refresh, and people adept at wagon making and repair.

Today, Mount Joy is one of the most delighted stops in Lancaster, PA and has a variety of ways to spend a pleasant time if you choose to pass by for a visit.

Bubes Brewery Complex

Bubes Brewery and the Catacombs restaurant beneath it can provide a great deal of entertainment. Bubes is best described as a 19th century brewery complex and it is a vast one at that. There are various pieces of local artwork around for your viewing. You can also have a tour of the brewery complete with a guide in period costume before enjoying a meal in the lovely and slightly spooky restaurant.

Dinner is served every evening and features a selection of traditional and fine dining items. On Sundays, the Catacombs hosts a feast that includes live actors dressed in period style. Some feasts have a medieval style, some are Roman style feasted and at some you will be treated like a pirate of the high seas. There are also mystery dinners held in the Catacombs. It is an unusual experience in an extremely unique setting that can be the perfect addition to your trip to the Lancaster area. Just be warned, some believe the brewery and catacombs to be haunted!

The Vineyard at Grandview

If a rousing time at Bubes isn’t quite your style, perhaps you would enjoy seeing the Vineyard at Grandview. The vineyard is run by the Kennel family and located right in Mount Joy. The Kennels have been winemakers since 2009. A visit to their vineyard gives access to their tasting room which overlooks the beautiful grounds. Visitors positively rave about the view and have remarked that it is one of the finest in the area. The tasting room is also heralded as comfortable and extremely pleasant. Local cheeses are sold on site as well. Music al fresco can be enjoyed along with the view and the cheeses. Doesn’t this sound like a perfectly lovely time? The wine list is extremely extensive and the vineyard enjoys showcasing the vine to bottle experience.

Eastland Alpacas

Eastland Alpacas sits nestled on a spacious 30 acre farm in Mount Joy, PA with a farm store right on site. As you may imagine, there are plenty of alpacas around! These adorable teddy bear looking animals will delight children and adults. The staff is knowledgable and the website is full of fun and informative alpaca facts.

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