Smorgasbords In Lancaster, PA

In Lancaster, Smorgasbord means buffet style and the area takes this distinction to a whole new level. The word is originally Swedish where it defines meals served in a buffet style. While in Europe these meals can often be cold, Lancaster Smorgasbords are warm, all you can eat, and available everywhere you turn. It is something the area is well known for. Many restaurants will offer a weekend brunch in the smorgasbord style.

Hershey Farm and Restaurant

The Hershey Farm and Restaurant is located in Ronks, PA and advertises a real Pennsylvania Dutch style dining experience. Guests may choose from The Grand Smorgasbord, The Grill, Soup, Salad, Gourmet Bread and Potato Bar, The Breakfast Smorgasbord, Delux Dessert Bar, or menu ordering is also available. The Grand Smorgasbord has a list of item on it so long it takes up a full page on the restaurant’s website. It is an amazing variety of food and a great stop if you are traveling with fussy eaters or a large group. The restaurant has an on site bakery and among the many treats available daily is shoofly pie.

The Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant and Smorgasbord

The Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant and Smorgasbord is another great choice for sampling many types of regional dishes. Located in Bird In Hand, this restaurant also features artisan ice cream. Run by the Smucker family, there is a long tradition of good food and family that the restaurant is steeped in. The buffet features traditional Lancaster County recipes the family has perfected over three generations and they strive to use locally produced products. You will not only have a meal here, but a real piece of Lancaster history.

The Shady Maple Smorgasbord

The Shady Maple Smorgasbord is yet another buffet style eatery dedicated to showcasing regional dishes. Their smorgasbord is 200 feet long! Imagine how impressive that spread would be, especially if you are entertaining guests or looking for the perfect ‘selfie’ to share with your social network. It’s a real show piece. There are daily dinner specials including steak, prime rib, seafood and much more. It is located in East Earl, PA.


Miller’s restaurant has been in business since 1929 and they invite you to dine with a lovely overlooking view of the Amish countryside. They advertise themselves as being Lancaster’s original buffet and restaurant and claim ‘if you miss Miller’s, you miss Lancaster County.’ That is quite a claim, but Miller’s backs it up well. The staff cooks all of the dishes from scratch and obtain as many of the ingredients as possible from their Amish neighbors. You can choose from the traditional smorgasbord, the soup and salad smorgasbord, or the new a la carte menu. There are shops on the premises as well for your last minute gift giving needs.

The smorgasbord is a long standing tradition in Lancaster and it is easy to see why. Dining in this fashion allows everyone a variety of choices, both in what they put on their plate and how much of it they chose to eat! While the style might be best for those with large appetites, many of the restaurants serving this way offer options for those with dietary restrictions or who prefer to control their portion sizes. Diners are encouraged to call ahead and discuss any such concerns with the facility before departing, but most seem willing and able to accommodate guests however they can.

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