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Children Activities in Lancaster PA
Lancaster PA, this place itself has a lot to offer. It’s a perfect vacation stop when you are looking for something new and enthralling. For most of the people it’s very hard to decide an impeccable holiday destination and even if they do, it becomes an equalling challenging task to make it a remarkable trip for children.
Preparing an itinerary for children is the most dreaded task that parents often fear. Apart from being a child-like place it has to be fun-filled experience.
These little beings are very hard to impress, their excitement level can go from zero to ten and the other way round in seconds. But don’t worry, if you plan to visit Lancaster PA your kids would jumping with joy all the time. Obviously, these perfect places for kids are all here in Lancaster PA.
Dutch Wonderland
Dutch Wonderland can become your kid’s new favourite amusement park because it’s specifically inclined towards kids. What do kids love the most? Of course rides. There are more than 30 rides in Dutch wonderland. Apart from rides various other things like slides, boat ride, face painting, horse riding and many other fun-filled activities for kids.
Hands-On House
Another wonderful place to visit with children. Hands-On house is a beautiful place designed specially for children of age 2-10. It’s a Children’s Museum housing a wide range of both indoor and outdoor activities for children. A visit to this museum can prove to be a fun –filled experience for children as they get to learn and experiment a lot of things like grocery shopping, how post office works and how farmers grow crops. All in all it’s a full package of fun with learning.
Strasburg Rail Road
Strasburg rail road is one of the most loved place by kids in Lancaster PA. If your child loves trains and locomotives this is the place you should definitely visit. It’s a home for turn-of-the century team locomotives and various historic cars. And the best part you and your child can enjoy the train ride amidst the Amish fields and village.
The Choo Choo Barn
Well if you go for vacation in Lancaster PA with kids The Choo Choo Barn is a must visit place. This place attracts a large amount of tiny humans and why not? Those little miniatures of all the real thing are just too awesome .The Choo Choo Barn has over working trains and almost 150 animations, and another awesome fact is that all this has been handcrafted.
Let the kids enjoy their vacation while you enjoy yours!

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