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Furniture Stores In Lancaster, PA

If you are in the market for furniture, Lancaster is the perfect place to find quality, unique one of a kind items. The influx of tourists to the area have inspired many hand crafted shops to offer their wares and variety is a wonderful shopping companion. One can also find name brand furniture around the area, making Lancaster a real furniture town.

Furniture can be found in showrooms, antique shops and malls, Amish communities and even in small village stores. Much of what is available will showcase the famous Amish craftsmanship and attention to detail. Items from cabinets to armoires to chairs are all available for customers to view and, in many cases, test out.

Some stores, like The Treasure Place, are a hometown take on big box home decor stores. They show off many pieces of furniture and other items to beautify your home in the same space. These stores are cozy, comfortable and jam packed with amazing potential finds for the right seeker. Several of the pieces are part craft and part furniture, meaning parts of them have been repurposed from other items. This means you truly have a one of a kind piece to show off in your home. It is also very sustainable and healthy for the environment to use already manufactured items to create something new. Whether antique or not, each item has a story and carries with it a sense of community and history.


Then, of course, there are the antiques, which Lancaster is famous for. You can’t throw a rock and miss an antique store in these parts, and that is good news for anyone interested in unique items or a special furniture piece for their family. These items have stood the test of time and can be the central focal point of a room or decorating style. The beautiful wood in a variety of stains and colors feeds the senses. Those with room to carry several items may find it most convenient to visit one of the many antique malls in the area for the widest selection under one roof.

Amish Styled Furniture

Alongside antiques, the Amish furniture trade dominates Lancaster’s furniture samplings. Often, you can commission a very special item made just for you. If you are shorter on time, browsing the incredible volume of Amish furniture stores is sure to bring you up close to your perfect addition.

Children’s Furniture

Children’s toys and furniture abounds in Lancaster. If you are decorating your little one’s room, you will find an incredible array of items to choose from, all of which will bring functionality and warmth to your home and your children. You can be sure that your nursery or playroom will be uniquely you when you step outside of the chain stores and into Lancaster’s amazing community of furniture builders.

Antique Reproductions

There is a market in Lancaster for antique reproductions as well as the real thing. This can add a beautiful style to your home at a value that you can appreciate. If you have pets or small children, reproductions can be a great choice that fuses peace of mind with your desire for beauty and timelessness.

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