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Family activities in Lancaster PA
There is nothing like a family Vacation. Obviously you can travel alone but sometimes having a good holiday time with family is something we all crave for. Then here it comes again, where should you go? With any doubt Lancaster PA.
Lancaster PA is the perfect place for a family vacation, there are so many places and things to do which you can enjoy best with family. Here you’ll find a never ending array of things and places you can adore with family. From kids to adults everyone can have their ‘Wow-Vacation-Time’. So, here are some place that you can visit and some activities that you can enjoy with family.
Balloon Ride
On one hand where kids can enjoy the amazing balloon flight the elders can appreciate the scenic beautiful view they see from up there. Beautiful! Isn’t it? It’s almost breath-taking to view the Lancaster County from a height, it’s such a lovely place.
Amish Village
Amish Village is one of the most visited villages of Lancaster PA. Of course the lifestyle that Amish people have adopted is an inspiration in itself. This village takes you a little back in time where horses and buggy’s were the only mode of conveyances and windmills adorned the landscape producing power naturally. Everything is so unique and traditional that you’ll simple fall in love with this place.
Central Market
How is it possible to go on a vacation and not shop for anything? Well, central market is the right place for you. You’ll feel the aroma of this place once you enter the market, the smell of fresh food and the colourful friendly environment, you’ll get it all in this place. Surely, you’ll love the food and there will be things that will catch your eyes, we promise you won’t come back empty handed.
Landis Valley Museum
Landis Valley Museum is an historic farm and village of rural Pennsylvania Germans. It preserves the rural lifestyle of 18th and 19th century, 1740-1940. Here you will find large acres of land with various historic buildings that echoes how life was back then.
Caribbean Indoor Water Park
Now this is a place where kids and even elders would love to go. The various water rides and pool activities will completely leave you amazed, you can just sit by the pool and relax or even jump in the pool and play with kids, either way you like.
There is nothing more fulfilling like a good family vacation, hope you enjoy you vacation in Lancaster PA.

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