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Events In Lancaster, PA

There is more to Lancaster, PA than at first meets the eye! The community is teeming with activities to enjoy by yourself or with the whole family. With a little looking around and planning, you can enjoy a fun and event filled vacation in the heart of Amish country. You can enjoy activities centered around shopping and antiques, the plentiful farmer’s markets, and music and theater to merely name a few.


Because the antique trade is such a thriving part of the Lancaster landscape, many antique dealers and markets hold special events throughout the year offering either deals on goods or specialty arts and crafts shows. A simple internet search can offer so much to see. The Antiques Extravaganza at Antiques Capital, USA is merely one of the antique based events to choose from. This event is held three times a year, in April, June and September.

The Arts

Lancaster is rich in the arts and events like the All Crow Art Show are a great stop for art lovers. The show features artwork in a crow theme done by area high school students. It is part of a larger series of events called Something to Crow About. This series is, as one might guess, all about crows and takes place throughout January and February to celebrate the crow’s annual return migration.


One of the largest theaters in Lancaster is the Sights and Sounds theater. This venue is the largest faith based live theater in the whole country and draws nearly a million visitors each year. The Fulton Opera House is another venue worth noting for visitors. It is said to be the oldest working theater in the United States giving it both theatrical and historical importance. There are, of course, cinemas for viewing more contemporary works as well.


If live music is your passion you can see national acts right in Lancaster at the American Music Theater. Performances have included the Elvis Birthday Bash, Dancing With the Stars Live, broadway performances and comedians.

For The Kids

The Hands On House is a great place to stop with the family for some interactive fun. The museum offers a program called Pop In For Play encouraging people to stop by with their families to engage in a variety of fun activities.
The Candy Factory

The Candy Factory is a co-working site that hosts a variety of events for the community. Networking events, yoga, writing workshops and events to educate people about and showcase co-working can be found throughout the year.

Farmer’s Markets

Of course the whole area of Lancaster is full to the brim with wonderful farmer’s markets. You can spend the greater part of a day wandering around sampling local fare from produce to cured meats to special local cheeses. Don’t forget the pies!

The Avenue

The Avenue is a network of businesses of various types that provide many events all year long for visitors and community members. The Zoetropolis Theater and Art House is one of the members of The Avenue and a great choice for event attending. This small, independent theater always has something interesting playing.

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