Antiques In Lancaster, PA

The volume of antiques in Lancaster make it the perfect stop for any antique lover. It is a paradise waiting to be sampled, full of every type of store, auction and outdoor market you can imagine. Your biggest problem may be how to get all of your prized items home!

There are hundreds of antique dealers in the area with their own shops full to the brim with speciality finds. Because of the reputation the area has, most will tell you to head out early for the very best items or you risk being ousted by the earlier bird that got the worm. Auctions are also a big deal in the area and you can often scout out lots before they go up for auction for an idea of what you might like to bid on. For the very best shot at the earliest start, consider staying in one of the bed and breakfasts located nearby.

Within Lancaster lies Antiques Capital, USA. This is an area along Route 272 and the surrounding roads that is positively teeming with antique shops and flea markets. It is said that there are over 5,000 antique dealers just within this area which is directly in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. In addition to antiques, there are some large arts and crafts stores there that sell many lovely hand crafted products. They may not be antiques yet, but these are surely the kinds of items that could easily become antiques with a little proper care and time.

There is, of course, a history to the area and how it became known as such an antique hot spot. This began in the early 1960s thanks to an antique dealer named Charles Weik who began holding flea markets in a place known as Shupp’s Grove. The idea caught on and it was noted that antiques were hot items. Other dealers followed Weik’s suit and antique malls popped up in the area, such as Stoudt’s Black Angus, which holds over 500 dealers in one spot.

If that isn’t enough, the Antique Extravaganza is sure to meet the needs of all souls who love antiquing! This special event is held three times a year, in April, June and September right in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. The area stretches seven miles along Route 272 and features antique shops, outdoor markets, dealers and speciality shops. During the extravaganza, the area is flooded with even more dealers, longer shop hours and special bargains making it well worth the trip to experience.

There are other special events held year round which, while smaller than the extravaganza, are always a great way to grab deals on the special antiques you’ve only dreamed about.

The village of Adamstown has made itself well known in the world of antiquing and with those who love to pour over a good flea market. It is a quaint and lovely environment to do you best seeking and offers restaurants and lodging in the event you are in need after a long haul of great finds.

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