Amish in Lancaster Pa
From the farmlands of Pennsylvania are the the individuals Amish (Mennonites) also known as “plain people”. These are farmers totally different from majority of America. These people hold a heritage from hundreds of years employing horse drawn power. These individuals are very simple and family oriented, attracting the majority through this distinctive fascination.
Amish are totally opposite from fast-paced society we’re living in. these people have hold on their tradition from years. despite all the time that has passed, it has brought unimaginable changes in our society but Amish work and live the way their fore fathers did. Second to God, they have their families and work prioritized on the top.
Extremely devoted in their faith, Amish believe in literal application and understanding of the scriptures as word of God. They separate themselves from the worldly things by following onto the commands in Bible, taking them seriously. Amish believe that by staying away from the worldly affairs they can come close to God. The worldliness can influence them to introduce ways that will keep them safe from any upcoming destruction and any hindrance in their way of life. Today, in Lancaster country there are twenty-five different Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren church groups having a little difference in their traditions and interpretation of bible. More traditional groups there are called “old order”.
Electricity or telephones are not allowed in their homes. Amish by restricting the entrance of radio, television and telephones are better able to keep the modern world away from their lives. On the contrary, they live the basic traditional life of a farmer. From a long time, Amish have adopted farming as their way of life as they think that their families can be maintained perfectly in rural environment. They even don’t allow the use of tractors in their farms but the old order Amish group do use the modern methods of farming pulled by horses and mules. The old order groups don’t use cars, as they think it as easier access to the ways of world, instead use horses and buggies for travelling.
This group of people wear plain clothes, which earned them the label of “plain people”. Today, masses are in curiosity to see their plain but peaceful lifestyle making them wonder that how can these people survive without things that are necessities of people in modern world. Well, honestly they are not just surviving but blossoming without all the modernism around. Since 1960, Amish tripled in their population now in Lancaster country.
Amish are unique for inhibiting qualities that the rest of the world doesn’t possess. Amish children attend the Amish one0room school through eighth grade. Their worship services are held weekly in any one of the member’s house. Amish have strong community spirit sense, the socialize a lot as they consider socializing a necessity. Neighbors freely give their time and skills to help other individuals.
Amish are private people and every so often they feel the worldly attention and curiosity disturbing to their lifestyles. That is so that they don’t take picture because they think that it is prohibited as per biblical instructions. However, Amish are a good example to learn from about family values. Their commitment to family and community makes them odd one out in this large world.

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