Amish tours in Lancaster pa
Coming to Lancaster country makes you experience the different places and people living there. There is so much to explore in this country, surely you can wander around the downtown. You can go out on a bike ride or drive back on country roads to discover the places but if you are interested in learning about new important stuff, you’re invited to take assistance of some expert tour guide. They take you to the places you haven’t even thought of. However, the most interesting tours in Lancaster are: Amish experience supersaver tour, Amish experience visit-in-person tour and Amish experience farmlands tour.
The Amish experience:
For more than 50 years’ Amish experience has been the most convinced informative center for guided tours to the Amish farmland, Amish house and one-room school and spectacular theater showing Jacob’s choice. This tour takes you deep into the heart of Oldest Amish community, here you will experience some farmlands whose beauty has never been experienced by your eyes. When you travel with us on this road trip, our Amish country tour guide answers all your questions and ambiguities that you go through while keeping you focused on the fascinating site observing long way. The 14 passenger air conditioned mini- shuttle take you through the back roads of the country lanes and make you sense the work and family ethics of Amish way of life. Tour guide makes you see remarkable patchwork farms within the boundaries of intrinsic beauty, farmed with mules and horses.
Amish Visit-in-person Tour:
This is an officially designated heritage tour. Visitors to Lancaster country brings out meaningful personal contact with the Amish. Imagine a day out with Amish providing maximum personal contact by going on their farms, at work and at home. The tour first spot is Amish farm. Arriving here we enter the barn and learn about the firsthand milking process. You’ll be surprised to discover that Amish do not milk cows by hand. You’ll also find out how Amish keep the milk cold in bulk tanks through Amish electricity. Many other aspects of farm life are also experienced by tourists visiting here.
Spot two is the Amish cottage industry. The scarcity and price of farmland makes Amish people start their small businesses. They make everything themselves from gazebos to furniture’s and farm equipment’s and quilts. These small enterprises are subject to fame through magazines and books by highlighting their achievement of balance between family and work.
The third spot is the visit with Amish family. We conclude your evening by making your sit with the Amish people and enjoy their family environment. Entering their house, we find a peaceful friendly environment. You’ll be amazed to find that Amish spend their life without phones, television or radios.
Tour to their living is not just interesting but memorable. Every tour is different and special. It’s no surprise that these individuals from strangers become friends soon. Apart from all these interesting and attractive tours, Amish do experience these tourist visit disturbing as it disturbs their daily life routine.

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