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Amish Furniture In Lancaster County, PA

Lancaster County is a playground for the Amish furniture lover. The number of tourists passing through and the heavy concentration of Amish in the population have created a perfect storm of shops, malls and markets that all have some type of traditional furniture to choose from.
Shoppers travel far and wide to choose from many varieties of quality Amish furniture products made in a traditional style with attention to detail. Amish crafted furniture is known for its sturdiness and beauty. Shoppers also know they are helping to support and sustain the local environment by choosing Amish crafted products. It is heartening to interact with and support a culture that is so different from ours but that we can still cooperate with. In these digital days of fast paced lifestyles it is good for the soul to slow down and remember how things used to be. Bringing home a piece of Lancaster County Amish furniture is like bringing home a reminder of days of yore.

Where To Shop

Amish furniture can be found in showrooms, antique shops and malls, Amish communities and even in small village stores. Each of these types of stores will contain pieces featuring the famous Amish craftsmanship and fervent attention to detail. Items from cabinets to armoires to chairs are all available for customers to view and, in many cases, test out. You can often commission a one of a kind piece made just for you.

There are stores in most of the small towns and boroughs of Lancaster if you travel in to spend the day in one and poke about. If you are more in the mood for one stop shopping, there are places like Peaceful Valley Furniture located in Intercourse that houses items from many Amish craftsmen and Mennonite builders under one roof. Country Home Furniture in in East Earl, PA boasts the largest selection of Amish furniture in the area housed in a 30,000 square foot and two floor showroom.

Some find it enjoyable to hunt and find items in smaller shops but some believe the benefit of being able to compare and contrast many items in the same place helps them snag the perfect find. In Lancaster County, there is an option perfect for your taste and shopping preference.

Children’s Furniture

Our children are our most precious joy and each one is completely unique. Choosing to furnish your child’s room with pieces that feature the detail of Amish craftsmanship extrapolates that idea into the physical. There is something special about keeping our children’s lives simple and imbuing them with the importance of tradition. It is also a teaching opportunity and a tangible way to discuss culture and history with your child. In addition to furniture, you will find Amish made toys and games in Lancaster as well. These items can easily become family heirlooms.

Outdoor Furniture

There is little more beautiful than a handcrafted Amish adirondack chair sitting on a sleepy porch. Even better is a full porch set or perhaps some pieces for around your camp or backyard patio. There are a number of types to choose from in several traditional styles, both naturally finished, unfinished for you to flex your creativity on, and brightly colored. It is easy to find something to compliment any taste and decor.

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