Amish Products

Amish Products in Lancaster, PA

One of the great attractions of the Lancaster, PA area is the variety of Amish products available. Made in the old style with intense attention to detail, Amish crafted products are sturdy, beautiful and help support and sustain the local environment.

Children’s Toys

The Amish manufacture a variety of old fashioned interactive wooden children’s toys and games. They are both beautiful and educational. You can go back to a time when families played together with their children by simply purchasing a few of these items to bring home with you from your travels to Lancaster.

Children’s Furniture

In addition to toys and games, Amish children’s furniture is a lovely addition to your child’s room. All hand crafted out of solid materials and built with time honored traditions, your family will surely get more than expected from items like toy chests, beds and chairs for your little ones.

Indoor Furniture

The array of indoor furniture crafted by Amish hands is as wide as the mind can imagine. Every piece is fetching and unique. You can trust in the knowledge that care was taken through their historical hands on approach to building. Mostly traditional in style, the cabinet work is particularly beautiful.

Outdoor Furniture

The beauty of a hand crafted Amish chair is second to none. You can purchase entire porch sets in the Adirondack style or a number of other traditional pieces. You can choose between naturally finished products and those painted in bright colors, as your decor calls for.


The fame of Amish quilts is known far and wide and Lancaster has been called America’s quilt capital. The beautiful and functional pieces can easily become family heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation just as the Amish themselves do. There is something very special about bringing an intimate piece of culture home. Quilts are a huge part of Amish culture and a staple in the Lancaster area. They have been crafted since the 1800s and to the Amish are a sign of frugality, a source of socialization and relaxation.

Home Items

Home decor items such as candles, wagons, sleigh bells, fireplaces and wrought iron are all also available in Lancaster, PA. The Amish community excels at creating all of these items for their own personal use and they are available for you as well. It is like bringing a piece of American history into your home.


There is something magical and incredible about visiting a large store that caters to the Amish food needs. You can literally find anything you need and especially a large variety of dried goods. There are generally informative books about cooking to be found in them as well with cooking tips, recipes and ideas about nutrition and food preservation. Often, there will be a selection of homemade baked goods for sale such as pies and breads. Amish desserts are certainly nearly as well known as their furniture.

Farmer’s Markets

It is a treat to stop into an Amish farmer’s market to see the wares each family has brought to sell. Quality fruits and vegetables abound at reasonable prices. Grown with traditional techniques, Amish produce is generally organic.

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