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Get To Know Historic Lancaster, PA, Home Of Amish Country!

Lancaster, PA is a bustling tourist destination with a small, hometown feel. This is part of why it is beloved by so many and has a successful economy with visitors traveling in again and again as a tradition. There are so many things to do in Lancaster County that you could spend several trips getting to know Amish Country. It is historic and a great place for history buffs. People who love shopping have many options from the markets to the antique shops and much in between. Those who enjoy spending time in quaint and homey villages tucked away inside bed and breakfasts decorated in a period style also love Lancaster. Even if a bustling and active nightlife is right for you, you will enjoy yourself in this part of beautiful Pennsylvania.


The antique trade is something Lancaster is famous for. Visitors come from miles around to pour over the unique selections of antiques in Lancaster. Whether you enjoy going to market or auction or special events held at these locations during the year, there will be something for the antique lover in you in Lancaster County. In particular, The Antiques Extravaganza at Antiques Capital, USA is held thrice yearly, in April, June and September is an event to put on the list if you are planning a trip to go antiquing in Amish Country.


Visit one of the outlet malls in Lancaster or any of the boutique shops along the way for a unique shopping experience. Whether you desire Amish quilts or Amish furniture or the deal of a lifetime on a name brand item you can find them in Lancaster. If you are thinking of your friends and family back home, your options for gift giving are incredible. There are so many one of a kind stores in Lancaster County you will surely find the perfect item you are looking for.

The Arts and Theater

The Lancaster area is rich in the arts has even more special events focused on the local contemporary and traditional art scene. Visitors may enjoy Something to Crow About series which is held in January and February or a visit to any of the numerous museums spread all throughout Lancaster.

If theater is your passion, Lancaster has one of the largest in the area called the Sights and Sounds theater. This venue is the biggest faith based live theater in the USA drawing nearly a million visitors yearly. It is responsible for a fair share of the thriving economy of various lodging options available to choose from.

The Fulton Opera House is another venue worth noting for visitors looking for a theater in Lancaster. It is said to be the oldest working theater in the United States granting it theatrical and historical importance.

For The Kids

The Hands On House is a great place for some interactive family fun. The Pop In For Play program encourages people to stop in unannounced with their families to enjoy a variety of fun and engaging activities. It is a wholesome way to tire out the little ones so mom and dad can relax in the evening in their choice of beautiful hotel or spa.

There are enumerable petting zoos in the area, some of which are combined with other activities for the family like mini golf or shopping. Even a trip to a farmer’s market can be a fun and educational way to spend time together while visiting Lancaster.

Farmer’s Markets

Speaking of the farmer’s markets, all of Lancaster is positively riddled with them. You can sample and purchase farm fresh produce at many roadside stands, full fledged markets or specialty stores. This is perfect for those with a love for culinary pursuits and with an interest in direct farm to table dining. The baked goods prepared by the Amish and Mennonite neighbors are positively delicious.

Dining in Lancaster

There are as many options for eating in Lancaster County as one can imagine. Choose a quaint pub or explore one of the many Lancaster breweries for adult get togethers. Experience a traditional PA Dutch smorgasbord at places like Millers or a family style dining experience at the Good ‘N Plenty. There are several inns and bistros that will cater to those seeking something more than the ordinary and even theme dining available at The Catacombs.

Visit The Villages and Boroughs in Lancaster

Quaint, historic and timeless, Lancaster County has a town to explore everywhere you turn. Intercourse, Bird-in-Hand, Paradise and Ephrata are merely a few of your choices. Nearly every small town has its own historical society where visitors can learn something specific about each place. Beautiful architecture lines the streets and cozy lodging can be found in the local bed and breakfasts if you wish to stay the night. Strasburg, PA is home of several railroad and train attractions and draws many visitors interested in the history of the railroad to it every year.

Lancaster City Nightlife

If you want a more contemporary evening out in the Lancaster area, Lancaster City is the perfect stop for you. There is always something to do there and activities range from local music to baseball games to theater. Lancaster City is particularly proud of its art scene and you will easily feel the support the city gives its creative community. Stop by the Park City Center for some mall browsing, and if a smaller shopping stop is your interest, Lancaster City has over 200 unique shops carrying every item you can think of. Restaurants are plentiful and vary from casual to fine dining.

Relax In Luxury At A Lancaster, PA Spa

After all of your running about, you may naturally want to relax. Schedule a stop in one of the many spas in Lancaster, PA for a truly royal treatment. Many offer exclusive services with top of the line products to pamper you like you deserve. Pick a location in one of Lancaster’s historic buildings to merge your well earned rest with a little more history since there is always more of that to take in when you visit Lancaster.

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